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    27 February 2017
    Worst stay ever
    Everything ! No one was there when we arrive (empty hotel, no staff, no nothing !) There's only one room and a small dormitory that's why it's always written that only one room is left ! Nobody knows this hotel in the city, and there's no sign on the main road so it took us an hour to find it with the help of different tuk-tuk. We arrived at 3 pm and had to go to a hotel nearby because camp teru was really empty...a desert...only a cat was there. The phone number given through the reservation was not answering so we were in the middle of nowhere wainting for something to happen. After 5 pm two people from the hotel and a nice neighbor finally came just to say that the manager of the hotel will come after 9pm !!! It was unbelievable ! The room was awful, everything was dirty and there's no power after 10pm so you better keep your battery full if you want to take pictures on a tour the next day.. If you are thirsty or hungry you better not hurry, cause nothing is kept there so someone from the hotel has to go to the main city for you, it usually takes an hour. Except that one day when a hotel forgot my reservation, camp teru is by far my worst reservation experience ever.
    The Neighbors... staff from another hotel took care of us ! Hopefully I'll never go back to camp teru.
    19 February 2017
    I was alone in the camp. At night, you feel at one with nature, everything was amazing, especially long deserted beach near the camp
    23 January 2017
    19 January 2017
    Nature for less money!
    If you are a real camper/nature lover, this is your place.
    12 August 2016
    Out of Sri Lanka: Randika's welcoming and excellent cooking
    Camp Teru is a kind of ''back to the basics'' place where we felt like being in ''Out of Sri Lanka''. A good point is the kindness of Randika who is the manager and cooker, and what an excellent cooker. The 2 dinners were just outstanding, not to mention the sri lankan breakfast, the best since we arrived 2 weeks ago. As we have had no time to plan a safari, Randika contacted his friend Leewantha who set up a plan for us. Our driver / guide has shown us many animals, among them a bear, leopard, wild elephants, deers, ... The (rough) beach is very close and is wild and beautifulwith big rocks and a dune of sand. A very good experience !!
    12 July 2016
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    26 June 2016
    Do not stay here! The high review figures may be historically accurate but are certainly not current
    There were no signs leading to the property from the main road, the driver had to call several times for directions. All other properties in the vicinity had clear signs. The property had no WiFi as they advertised also absent were towels, soap or any other toiletries, bedding other than bottom sheet and pillow cases, and fan.There was also no breakfast despite this being charged for. The whole property is in dis-repair, rotten wood verandas etc and the little bedding provided was dirty. Frankly speaking the place looked close to closing and it's probably the best thing for it pending a major refurbishment
    Nothing other the proximity to Yala National Park
    18 April 2016
    Great location but the camp needs improvements.
    The place has potential but has been allowed to deteriorate. Firstly there is no sign on the main road, and the local tuktuk drivers frequently can't find it. The only sign is the one on the open gate that you can't see until you enter the camp. The WiFi doesn't work, there is no fridge or fans, and if you want to drink anything other than water then you have to ask them to buy something from a shop back on the main road. I only had dinner once and it was very bizarre - just a selection of boiled vegetables, eggs and toast. It was probably the most boring dinner I have ever paid for, but apparently I was unlucky because they do actually prepare reasonable meals as well. The prices seem to be very vague, and I paid two different prices. It can either be very quiet there or extremely noisy, if the staff are having a few drinks, or a group of Chinese arrives, or on my last night there was a huge party of Sri lankans coming for safaris on New Year's Day and they were very noisy throughout the night. It's really luck of the draw there but overall it's a good experience but they need to make some improvements. The water supply was interrupted sometimes as well.
    The location is excellent and the price is good. It's only a short walk to the beach and just ten minutes away is a small watering hole with langurs, birds and even some small crocodiles. I enjoyed the regular company of the two dogs there, a mother and surviving puppy with three legs and a stump, who was very sweet and a real little trooper.
    Martin Rs
    11 April 2016
    Place to write a book
    One electricity plug didn't work, but the second is fine. We mised fridge a lite, there is no option for cold drink around.
    The only quiet abandoned place in Srí lanka, no engines, no horns, only the sound of animals and sea breaker. If you plan to write a book, it's the right place. We were the only guests in the double chalet, noone else in the common chalet. (There is only two chalets.) The fence around the camp is broken, so the animals can approach to the chalet. Unlike other camps with new electricity fences. We were not lucky for elephants, but we saw dears, birds, varans (water monitor) about one meter. Few hundred meters towards the sea there is a small lake, where bigger varan (over 3 meters) lives, you have to approach very quietly to see it. This lake is seeked by many animals around.
    6 April 2016
    Out of the way place with value for money accommodation and good local food.
    Greeted by 2 undernourished, lame dogs that badgered us most of the time. No fan in the doom and toilet did not flush. The grounds and verandas weren't well kept - plastic bottles in the grounds and veranda being eaten by termites. Signage to get there was not at all good - our local driver had to ring up 3 times to find it. Wifi didn't have any access to Internet.
    Quality of cooking and food was great. Lovely breakfast with fruit and omelette and dal curry. Nice main hut and Room. Location was quiet hearing only the birds - when the dogs weren't being noisy.